LOOPMix - How can i create my Own sample pack, for iPad?

“Create your Own packs:
With its advanced Samples and Presets Manager, you can create your own personalized packs, all with your own Artwork, Name, Description and tagging which you can export and share with another device or with another user.”

Sorry, but i was glad to be able to create loops as it’s written in description from those samples that i created personally, tell me if the function of using my personal samples will be added for the iPad version of Loopmix, or a third-party programm for creating personal packs with personal loops?

Hello NichToshiZ,

Thanks for reaching out. You may load your own samples by opening the preset manager, and at the right side of the tab you will see the 6 sample slots, each has a “+” icon which you can tap to open and it will take you to the files app.

Additionally, In standalone mode you can have access to the shared folder (Preset manager > samples > shared samples) and from here you can view/preview/select any loop that has been imported tot he Loopmix shared folder inside the files app. This folder is accessible is Standalone mode and not AUv3 at the moment but we’re currently working on adding a similar method to AUv3 as well.

In addition, you can always create your custom packs in standalone mode that contain all of your samples, export them and import them in AUv3. The procedure is similar on all of our apps, here’s how you can do that: PLAYBEAT 3.0 by Audiomodern | Packs - YouTube

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Omg!!! God bless you guys!!! I will wait for how long how it need for auv3. :israel: :alien:
But anyway this is all what i need for this time!!!

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You guys are geniuses, and if you continue to bring the program to the ideal, then this is really something incredible …
It would be nice to hire a person to create different skins, it is sometimes difficult to recognize symbols on an iPad … Otherwise, I have just started trying my samples in standalone mode and I am just delighted. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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