Loop mix: 2 bar sample over 4 bars?

I have a 2 bar sample that i want to play once, over 4 bars.

Is there a way to do this? Perhaps there is some strategy i am missing.

As it appears sample length dictates bar length for each row, this particualr row will trigger every 2 bars.
I want it silent on bars 3-4, while another sample plays.

In the sequencer, I find myself wishing to be able to see a full 4 bar overview in order to paint and stretch samples over the timeline, rather than having to rely on sample length to momentarily show me the full 4 bars for a particular row that happens to have a long sample.
Like, i don’t get how i’m supposed to be able to paint in stabs over 4 bars, if the samples are short.

Hope that makes sense.


Hello dnbhead,

You are able to trigger loops at will using the keyboard mode and pressing the corresponding loop key at the bottom of the UI or your MIDI controller key(s). See screenshot:


This way you are able to control when/where the loops will be triggered in your DAW session.

Ah yes i see, thanks for the tip!