Keyboard shortcuts/modifiers

Would be great to have keyboard modifiers for some things, would save a lot of clicking. Two obvious ones:

  • shift-click a step to lock/unlock it
  • alt/right-click a position to add/remove step (when in another tab than “Step”.)
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Hi rydan,

Thanks for your feedback. I have forwarded your request to the rest of the team as we are currently working for Playbeat v4.

Stay tuned!

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Also, I must say, I think the Loopmix “power” button next to each section is much more intuitive than the small lock icon in playbeat, for enabling/disabling random updates for a given section/function and track. It also makes it possible to see, with a simple glance, what sections are randomized or not for the selected track. In playbeat, you have to select each section and check if the lock icon is enabled or not.

That is one more feature that we are porting over to the rest of the apps, including Playbeat.