🚨 New release! Loopmix is out now!

We’re excited to introduce Loopmix, a creative loop remixer plugin that instantly transforms your loops into a kaleidoscope of new sounds.

Loopmix offers up an array of devices and processors that slice, dice, rearrange and remix loops in a number of truly innovative ways. A heavyweight multi-loop remixer that comes with ~1.5 Gb of factory library and is available for Windows, Mac & iPad.

Powered by Zynaptiq‘s Time Stretch/Pitch Shifting technology.

Check it out :point_right: Loopmix by Audiomodern | The Creative Loop Remixer

Cool device and great for drum and bass. Bought it today.

Can I ask if its possible to export a lanes audio (eg Lane 3) which only contains the few hits you are using from that lane once chopped up. When I export it just drags the full loop out.

You can hack it by muting the lane and exporting the full loop - bottom export option for dragging (which just gives you the hits) but workflow wise I wondered if there is a easier way?

I see,
We can definitely improve this. Good one!

Thanks for your patience until our next update.


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Great thanks :+1:

It would be great workflow wise if you could achieve this in a future update