Loopmix Update?

Do you think there will be a Loopmix Update with Key/Scales function soon ?

Hi clemax2310,
Absolutely, we are working to see how to best implement that feature set.

Stay tuned.

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Great ! can’t wait for it !

I’m still using StylusRMX in my workflow as today and was hoping to be able to drop REX 2 files as well in Loopmix in the future. :blush:

We will check if that is possible to do.

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Hi !

Still nothing about this feature ? that’s a game changer, I still use loopclpud for that, im pretty sure loop mix can be huge with this. I still wait to buy your product, as for moment Loopcloud is better for me. looking forward !

There is some big development around this, but i can confirm that it is coming.

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