I want to use Loopmix, but it is guaranteed to bring down Reaper

I bought loopmix when it arrived, but i haven’t been able to use it.
It ALWAYS crashes the DAW to desktop after a while of using it. This is in a fresh template project, with minimal other plug ins and nothing written into the arrangement…(Reaper.win10).

I have the midi set to receive Host Midi, no device clashes.

I want to use this thing, but it is not reliable here.

Any suggestions?

Hello dnbhead,

Thank you for reaching out. We are pleased to inform you that a new version 1.1.2 update is now available for Loopmix. This update addresses various crashing issues that were reported in certain setups and can be downloaded directly from our updates page here: Latest Software Updates | Audiomodern

Thank you. Well, i started a sesh and and finished before any crash occurred, so hopefully this is the start of something good. Cheers.

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