I have an idea with arp function for Chord jam

I am a user of the wonderful Chord jam plugin. I get great pleasure from working with him. He creates incredible things.
I had an idea for the arp function. What if, when opening the apr function, an additional field will added for inserting and deleting notes, so that interrupts could be created in the arpigiator?

With respect

Sorry if I didn’t explain very clearly. I am attaching a screenshot of the idea and what I wanted to explain. If, nevertheless, something remains incomprehensible, then I am always in touch to give additional explanations.


I apologize for changing the section in this post. I did not immediately understand in which section it is correct to create a topic.

Hello Maxim,
Thanks for reaching out and for sharing your feedback. This can be easily added to our upcoming update, but isn’t this something you can already do using the built-in sequencer by adding the chords there?

I am very grateful for the quick response. I admire the responsiveness and speed of your company. I would like to explain more precisely and in more detail the function that I wanted to offer with pictures and possibly videos. It seems to me that this function will be able to interest more people if I can explain its purpose in more detail. It will take me a few days to prepare this correct and understandable explanation. Therefore, I ask you not to take my wish stated above into work yet.

With respect

I’ve returned. Now I will try to explain my idea of the function in more detail with video examples оr get help if I haven’t figured something out and in fact such a feature is already available.

  1. In this video, I plug in the Chord jam plugin and play a few chords on the midi keyboard manually. Everything works well and clearly for me here.
    video1.mkv - Google Drive

  2. In this video, I turn on the ARP function in Chord jam and then record in DAW by playing the midi keyboard manually. Everything works well and clearly for me here.
    video2.mkv - Google Drive

  3. In this video I am trying to create an interruption in the arpeggio (in order to turn off or turn on some notes in the arpeggio game), but after I create it and start playing on the MIDI keyboard with my hands, the interruption does not work. It only works if I press play or record in DAW. If I start recording in DAW and play the MIDI keyboard at the same time, then everything is recorded at the same time.
    By the end of the video, I turn off the ARP function of Chord jam and turn on the ARP on the synthesizer. In this case, I manage to use interrupts when playing with my hands on a MIDI keyboard, but now the ARP does not belong to Chord jam and of course I cannot record this arpeggio with interrupts in DAW. This is an example of the function I’m trying to tell you about.
    As a result, I’m trying to talk about a function that will allow me to play with my hands on a MIDI keyboard and at the same time I will be able to record this arpeggio with interruptions in DAW. The example is at 0:52 of the video.
    video3.mkv - Google Drive

Please do not judge strictly, I have never recorded such videos before, it was my first such experience)
I hope now I have managed to explain my wishes clearly to you. If there is still something left unclear, please write to me. I am always in touch to give additional explanations.

With respect

Hello Maxim,
Excellent presentation and suggestion too. We do have something really similar in Riffer which is our ‘performance mode’. So, i can confirm that this is easy to implement here as well.

We will do our very best to deliver with one of our upcoming updates.


I am very grateful to your company and all employees for developing such great software and responsiveness! I’m glad I was able to offer a useful idea.