Please make Riffer create chords along with individual notes,you could do 1 channel creates chord while another channel makes individual notes both done to scales and have rondom function

Chords and individual notes created randomly
On separate channels

Hello, I hope you’re doing well and safe.

Thanks for taking the time to write to us here on our new forum. Chord creation and generation based on various inputs and settings is a huge musical concept and would be a big shift in direction for what Riffer is made for, we would need to abandon the new upcoming features that we are working towards melody creation and other polyphonic modes and implement a totally different set of features for chords which would still not cover that concept entirely.

For this reason we choose to create Chordjam, a dedicated plugin which focuses in the chord creation concept. Have a look and feel free to grab the trial version and see what it can do for you: CHORDJAM by Audiomodern™ | The Ultimate Chord Machine