Random velocity on pads

it would be very useful if there were a mode in which pads could be used to store the chord only, while continuing to use the randomization features such as velocity or timing.

chords played via pads would be much more lifelike if they could use the velocity or timing settings ‘live’, rather than the fixed values saved with the pad.

thanks for an amazing and totally engaging piece of software.

Hello kimyo,
Thanks for your feedback. So, as if we would trigger a key on the main screen? We will check how possible it is to integrate this feature to our upcoming update which will be available soon.

i consider the velocity and arp/timing options to be more on the performance side of things.

often, i use the pads in a programming phase at first, to gather varied inversions of several chords. at this time, the velocity/timing randomization is nice but not necessary.

once the pads are loaded, i start recording, experimenting with different progressions. it is during this phase that the randomization is most helpful.

also, it seems as if the pads don’t respond to the velocity of the controller? i get louder/softer chords when using the keys, but not when using the same keyboard to trigger the pads.