Midi CC Pass Thru using Riffer in Logic Pro with

f I place the “riffer” arp plug from Audiomodern in the insert on a channel strip with a softsynth (Opal from UAD) as the instrument, the synth no longer reacts to e.g. the ModWheel and other assignments. But I can draw curves in the automation under the corresponding synth selection, which are then recognized. Does Riffer MIDI FX plugins interrupt the direct triggering and if so how can I “bypass” that? BTW no problem with the internal Logic Arp Midi FX …

Hello SeleN,
Thanks for reaching out. Which Riffer version are you using?

3.1.1 the latest version (just bought it 2 days ago)

Hello Selen,
Indeed the Riffer app interrupts the direct triggering, we have added this correction to our Chordjam app and we will soon correct this behavior to Riffer with our upcoming update.

Thank you for your patience,

hi! thanks for the information. any insight when it will be svaiable ?

We’re adding quite a few new features so at the moment there isn’t an ETA. This is a part of a whole new functionalities set so it will affect other sequencing modes too. We will do our best to have this out before our major update to v4.0

Hi Team
So will this be adressed in the near future ? any beta tester you’re looking for V4 ?