Is there a changelog for Playbeat v. 3.2.2?

I just downloaded Playbeat 3.2.2 tested as usual if the preview of the preset is still broken in Reaper and it is still broken like so many times before. :frowning:
I appreciate the frequent updates though if I only knew what problems they solve :man_shrugging:

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Hi kjlietz,

The latest 3.2.2 version introduces drag-n-drop for iOS users and we have fixed a minor bug regarding the midi outputs of the app.

About the issue that you mention, I recall this happening only in Reaper and not in any other DAW.
Is the same thing happening with other apps that have a playback/preview function?

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No, it only happens with playbeat. :frowning:
It seems like a small thing. But in reality I always chose another drum machine when working in Reaper, because without the ability to choose the right preset you can’t even start.