Some GUI elements are too small and hard to click on


I find some GUI elements to be really hard to click on, specially in the sequencer clicking in the number of steps selector, the number of repetitions for randomization and the button for locking chords are too small and uncomfortable to use. is there any chance to make them bigger?


Hello login,

Thank you for your feedback. The UI is fully resizable, do you have the option to maximize the plugin window for better view?

FWIW, if you are using an iPad, it is possible to turn on Zoom under the Accessibility settings. After doing so, you can invoke the Zoom to magnify a windowed area and the icons, buttons etc. in that magnified area are still clickable. I find it helpful for dealing with the smallest of the small!

I am on PC, big monitor and all, yes I can resize the windows. Specially the little up/down arrows in the number of steps selector and the number of repetitions for randomization are still too small and hard to click.

Hello login,

There is no need to click on up/down individual icons. You can either click on the arrows area and drag up or down -or- double-click to enter a value.

Ok, that makes sense and it is more ergonomic that trying to click on them, I see other parameters respond to the mouse scroll wheel, could this two also respond to it?

Scroll wheel control can be added for sure.

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