ChordJam - Randomize number of chords in sequencer

Page 16 of the ChordJam manual (Groove) mentions …

You can also generate random Grooves by selecting the “Random” preset in this
area. By selecting this preset, you will also be able to adjust the number of chords
that will be generated for your sequence using the “Number of notes” slider in
the main page.

I’m using the random groove preset, but I want to be able to randomize the number of chords (within a range). Is that possible?

EDIT: It looks like it does actually randomize, but depends on the setting you have set for number of chords.

  • If I have it set to 1 it always gives me 1
  • If I have it set to 32, it always gives me 1 chord per step
  • If I have it set to ~4-8, it seems to give a random number of chords up to the number of chords set.
    Is that how it works?

Hi Soundtemple,

This depends on the sequencer step length, if you choose a length of 32 and you have selected to get 32 chords, then yes you will get 1 chord per step. If for example you choose 64, the 32 chords will be laid out randomly in the sequencer.


From the note amount control you are able to choose how many chords will be generated in your sequence. The engine will always respect that when in ‘Random’ rhythm mode.


Thanks for the explanation. Just to clarify, when you say " The engine will always respect that when in ‘Random’ rhythm mode."
Do you mean it will randomise or wont randomise?

My experience is that it does. I like that it works that way.

In the example below I want the number AND type of red (unlocked) chords to change whilst the first sticks to the tonic and the last is the V chord.

Yes, the engine will follow exactly the amount of chords that you want to be generated in your patterns.

Maybe I am mis-understanding but in the two pics above, I have the number of chords set to 6, but the number of chords generated is 5 and 7.

To be clear, I’m happy with this, but it seems you are saying this should not be happening?

In the pictures above i can see that you have some chords locked (marked in yellow). I assume that a different chord amount is generated only in this case. Dos that happen if you do not have any chords locked too?

It seems when no chords are locked the number of chords generated is always equal to the number set.

When one chord is locked I get n additional chords as set by the number

When >1 chords are locked I seem to get variable results.
If I lock two chords and I have 5 set in the number of chords, I seem to get 3, 4 or 5 new chords randomly.

Thanks for the information,

We see that this variable is related to the locked notes. We will address this issue with our upcoming update.

Looks like I might have “shot myself in the foot” here making a bug report for something I like - random number of chords in progression. lol!! Oh well.

Thanks for taking the time to explain the issue. ChordJam is much deeper than first it seems.

A variable amount of chords/notes (min/max) is a control that we do have in our other apps.
Maybe we can transfer this control here as well. Stay tuned!

:hugs: thanks :pray:
That sounds great