Gatelab MIDIFX (Logic Pro X)

It would be great if Gatelab had a MIDIFX version so we can send CC to other plugins without relying on IAC, which introduces latency and it’s an extra step and track.

Any plans on adding this anytime soon?

Thank you and keep up the great work. Loving your plugins so far!

Hello iamdannywyatt,

Gatelab already provides two independent MIDI outputs that can be used in any DAW as shown in our tutorial. Unfortunately Logic Pro could only utilise this if it came as a MIDI FX plugin which should be loaded into the MIDI fx slot.

We’ll definitely think about this option when a new update/upgrade will be available.


Hi Max,

Yes, that’s exactly what I meant. Using the already provided outputs require the use of the IAC Driver, which is not the best option. MIDIFX is what we need.

Hope this update comes soon.