Multi-output midi export in Logic Pro X 10.7.6


I bought all the plugins from audiomodern and am enjoying them now.

Especially Playbeat 3 is my default drum sequencer now.

I love the patterns and randomization function so much.

However, I have a request regarding the midi output function.

When I was using the stock step sequencer in Logic Pro X, I could split midi notes into separate tracks by just one click (Kick, Snare, hihat etc.). And for Addictive drums by XLN audio, I was able to do the same thing if I start the channeas a multi-output setting (little bit more hassle than Logic Pro X stock function though).

But when it comes to playbeat 3,

Multi-output channel setting: Although MIDI outputs are separated inside the playbeat (C3, C#3, D3, D#3, etc. ), if I export midi stems to every tack, they all sound like kick only.

The only I could think of is making 7 more copies of playbeat tracks and drag and drop every midi stem and then solo each tracks on all playbeat tracks. But as you know I have to switch every midi notes to each notes to make them sound right part. Using C for Kick, C# for Snare, D for Hihat, etc.) could work, but it would be inconvenient.

So now I use audio stem export and make extra slots to give some change in patterns.

Audio stem export is ok, but I usually prefer midi stem export since I can make variations more easily. (Like drum fills and 808)

I just wonder if there is an easy and clear way to make multi-output midi stem export in Logic Pro X.

Or if multi-output midi stem export is not available yet, can I expect that?

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+1 - please make AudioModern midi input and export work like XO please.

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Hi sourcreembeat,

Are you trying to feed Playbeat’s MIDI back to Playbeat? Or to another module?

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Basically I want to feed Playbeat for sure. And also I may use it for another module if I can.

I want to make difference in arrangement and it is easier with midi. I may do it inside the playbeat using slots and export as audio. But it is time consuming and not covinient enough than midi manipulation.

Yes it will be happier if I can do the same midi split function as Logic Pro X’s step sequencer.

I see,
Playbeat is using real-time pitch shifting on its sequencer(s) so any MIDI fed to Playbeat will be subject to change when that MIDI is tweaked passing through the Pitch Tab, therefore the MIDI will definitely not stay the same if fed back to Playbeat.

As we prepare for our V4 we will check what options we have so we can overcome this behavior, if any.

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Thanks for considering! Please check the midi split function of Logic Pro X step sequencer.

I miss this functionality being more malleable, in my tests, I’m loving Playbeat 3 as a sequencer, perhaps the best I’ve used so far, but in my workflow having midi output sent each element to midis channels separately would be perfect.


I have simular problems in FL Studio21…

Up, we need this to be integrated. I bought Playbeat as an alternative to some of Ujams beat plugins and because of how great it sounds and work EXCEPT importing whole beats as midi. Of course I could as a waveform which works great but it doesn’t have the flexibility and creative freedom to work with than being a midi file.