Using Chordjam in Logic


I’m having real problems trying to understand how Chordjam works with Logic. Particularly how to extract midi from it.

I’ve added Chordjam as a MidiFx on an insrtument and pressing the keys within Chordjam activates the instrument fine.

Nothing seems to happen after that. I can’t record into the channel and I can’t figure out how to get any midi out of Chordjam. When I drag midi chords out they don’t have any resemblance to the chords in Chordjam and the drag midi sequence button seems to be permantly disabled.

I’ve been through the manual and I can’t see any part of it that talks about how you get the output into the DAW. I’ve watched a few Youtube videos and all seem to be based on Ableton, which isn’t a great deal of help.

Any tips would be most appreciated.

Hello Daz, I hope you’re doing well and safe.

Thanks for reaching out.
How MIDI plugins work varies from DAW to DAW. In most DAWs including Logic, the MIDI that is sitting in an Instrument track is used to ‘feed’ back whatever VST/AU is loaded in that Instrument Track, and not the other way around.

So, if you need to record the MIDI output of any MIDI plugin in real-time (which i assume is the question) you must do that to another track, meaning that you have to create a new Instrument track and record the output of the track that Chordjam is loaded.

Again, this can be done in various ways depending of the DAW in use.
For Logic, here’s one tutorial that explains just that: Logic Pro X - Record MIDI FX Output as MIDI - YouTube

About the Drag button(s) being disabled.
Usually this happens when there is no MIDI data captured so there is nothing to export/drag.
Which means that you have no single Chord played before (so Drag Chord button is grayed-out) and/or you have no Sequence generated (so Drag Chord button is grayed-out)

When a Chord is played the ‘Drag Chord’ button should have captured that Chord and be enabled and when a Sequence is sitting on the Sequencer the same should happen to the ‘Drag Seq’ button.

Can you please confirm this is the case?