Fine Pitch Tuning sample and sequencer

When i use Playbeat there are two things i miss the most. And that is a way to pitch the sample in the editor. E.g. semitones plus or minus 48. And a fine tune plus or minus 100 cents. This way the C3 note can stay the main tuning for that sample.

And in the sequencer it would be great to choose between pitch in semitones OR fine tune in cents. This way you can create a more natural randomisation and sound more like a drummer. Especially for tuned perc like snares, toms, tablas etc.

Thanks for reading this!

Hello mightymusic,
Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback and suggestions. Fine tuning would be an excellent addition, i will transfer it to the rest of the team and see how this can be implemented as new updates roll out. :raised_hands:


Well that is awesome thank you!!