Different color for blank slots and 16 tracks sequencers


It will be nice if the slots with no samples have different colors than dimming the main color (orange/red), or add options to choose if the user wants to use a dimming color or different color with the same brightness. So it gives a sense of activeness or something like “I’m not using half of the functions of the plugin”

I’m using playbeat3 to trigger drum racks in Ableton or drum synth, so internal samples/sample packs are not my main concern because I have my own sound pool and playbeat duty is to trigger and randomize the pattern, mostly I leave them empty/blank. But when I’m looking at the steps page, and see dimming colors it feels like I’m just using half of the functions of the plugins, which is yes it is true, but If the blank slots have the same brightness but different color at least it gives a sense “I’m using other modes of this plugins”

I don’t know if I asking too much for 16 sequencers, so playbeat can trigger whole Ableton drum rack cells or other 16 cells like mpc


Hello bitkaster,

Thanks for reaching out and for your feedback. This is definitely a good idea and we can implement this to our upcoming update.

About 16 Sequencers, although possible to have, we’re very much concerned about the app’s performance and stability, as our real-time pitch shifting algorithm (X8) is OK for most machines but not sure how 16 independent sequencers will be handled by older computers, although I can confirm this is on out ‘to-do’ list.