Chordjam Packs - Importing Creates Double Entries


I notice that when I import a pack into Chordjam (iOS 1.5.1) it results in all the presets in the pack appearing twice in the Preset Manager - once categorized under the pack name, and then a 2nd time categorized under User Presets.

Offhand, I find that having all these not-mine, never-edited presets suddenly appearing under User Presets is contrary to the intent of User Presets (as I undertand it) and not really to be desired. (And manually deleting them one-by-one would be very tedious.)

Is there a compelling logic here? Could we not have that happen, or else have an option at import time as to whether it happens or not?

Hello Progster,

Thanks for reaching out. The categories in the preset manager work like a filter, the factory presets are marked as “FACTORY”, any other presets (incl. imported from packs) are marked as “USER”.
Currently this is the default behavior also in our other plugins but do intend to optimize the usability to our next updates.

Thanks for your patience.

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