Chordjam iOS 1.5.1 - The Pencil Is Gone


I’m working with Chordjam iOS 1.5.1 and in this version there is no Pencil (Edit) icon in the top line of the program.

I can get to the new Preset Manager by touching the preset name, or the hamburger icon next to it. That’s fine, and most of what I see in the new Preset Manager I was able to figure out pretty quickly.

However, the old Preset Manager (as shown for example in this complete overview tutorial: CHORDJAM by Audiomodern | Complete Overview - YouTube ) offered a 3-part setup of Save Session, Save Sequencer, Save Pads that does not appear to be replicated in the new Preset Manager. If I am missing how to get to such a screen, please advise.

So, in the absence of that screen, how can I perform the separate actions of Save Session, Save Sequencer, Save Pads? Can they still be done from one place? Are they done from separate places?

If possible, I suggest splicing a new ending into the complete overview tutorial, or else creating a full new one, specifically for v1.5.1 (and iOS).

Thanks for whatever updated info can be provided.

Hello Progster,

With the latest version 1.5, Chordjam hosts the same flexible preset manager system that most of our other apps use. There is no need to save presets as different sections as all will be saved at once.

See what’s new: