Feature Requests (Pads & Riffer)

Hi There,
I am switching from Scaler2. Chord Jam is very cool and you can come with really good ideas but i miss the following features:
1- Copy paste Pads (Implemetation with ALT function).
2- the possibility to delete Pads with Backspace
3- The possibility to use the chords from the pads in the sequencer
4- synchronization between Chordjam & Riffer (Scales, chords and melody)

If those requests are already implemented, please let me know how it works.

Thank you

Bitwig 5.0.7

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Hello Mactrix,

Thanks for reaching out. At the moment these features are not possible, but 1, 2 & 3 can be easily added to an upcoming update.

About synchronization between Chordjam & Riffer, we are already working on a system that will provide seamless communication between all of our apps and between any device. Currently there is no ETA about this, bu we do expect to have a beta out later on this season.

Thank you for your patience.