Changing Riffer presets via midi cc

I’m resorting to bothering the community to solve an issue I’ve spent too many hours trying to figure out: how to send a midi cc signal to Riffer to go to the next ‘fast preset.’

I don’t have issues modifying other Riffer parameters with different tools sending midi cc signals, but, for the life of me, I can’t get it to change to my next preset.

I even resorted to buying PatternBud to send a midi cc after X number of bars, but I can’t even get that to do it. I’ve tried different Rosetta plugins, an external keyboard, AUM keyboard - nothing but my finger tapping another preset will make it change.

I will not be surprised if you tell me the one simple trick to making this move, I actually hope someone does.

Thank you.

Hello tvacula,

Have you tried to assign your controller via (i) the MIDI Learn function, or (ii) via the CC mappings on the settings tab?


Thank you for your reply. I am using AUV3 plugins to try and sequence, which does not lend itself to midi learn. Yes, I have been assigning midi CCs through the midi tab, just as you show. As I said, I can map CCs to other Riffer parameters and make adjustments, but the ‘Fast Preset’ parameters are reluctant to play with my sequencers and mappings. Do the ‘Fast Preset’ mappings prefer certain midi CCs, or a certain range?

I have connected the midi out from a sequencer to midi in of Riffer (in AUM), assigned two Riffer presets CC numbers, told the sequencer after, say, 2 measures, send the CC number assigned to the next Fast Preset, but nothing happens. If I’m sending a CC#, what value is the Fast Preset looking for to activate it?

Thanks for the update,

The Fast Presets do not require certain CC numbers to be attached, they should work exactly as the controls from the rest of the list.

Are you sending midi CC from your controller or from another AUv3?

I am trying to use another AUV3, though I have tried using an external keyboard, with the same (negative) result.

I am trying to use PatternBud, to send the assigned CC number every X number of bars to change presets; I have also tried Rosetta Rhythm, with the midi channel changed from 10 to 1, matching Riffer’s assigned channel; I have tried Rosetta Cells with certain notes assigned to a cell X number of steps apart. Nothing I have tried will change the Fast Presets.

But, I have successfully used Rosetta LFO to change other parameters of Riffer using midi CCs, like note length and number of notes, so I know I am not completely failing at the process.

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Here are some screenshots of how I am wanting/trying to make it happen.

Thanks for the screenshots.

We couldn’t indicate any problems assigning CCs to the fast load presets.

I have forwarded this to the rest of the dev-team to inspect further to determine what might be causing this problem. Thanks for your patience.

Solved the issue: when sending a midi cc message to Riffer to change fast presets, if a full-on value of 127 is not sent, the preset will not change. Through much trial and error, I stumbled upon this last night and can now commence song assembly.

Thank you.

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