MIDI control of Riffer's four riffs

Not sure if this has been requested by others but I’d like to be able to mute/unmute Riffer’s four riffs via MIDI controller. It’s good that I can select a riff using MIDI and making a riff active, but there are many use cases in which I want to toggle riffs on and off. Thanks for considering it!

You can already do this. When you enable the “Learn” function in Riffer you’ll notice that there are 2 “zones” on the Riff tabs. The upper one Mutes and UnMutes the riff, and the other one simply selects the Riff (so you can do operations on that single Riff). It might be the other way around in terms of the top and bottom “Learn” zone , but you get the idea.

Yep, thanks for the tip. I should have been more explicit in my request: the current CC function works well with a sequencer to adjust the value between 0 and 127 to keep the riff active. I’m looking for a toggle for a foot pedal. So, tap a button once and the riff is unmuted; tap it again and it is muted. There are workarounds using MIDI filters but it’d be cool if this was supported natively as an option in Riffer. Unless I’m missing something, of course!

Hi there. Not sure I completely understand but I use a simple toggle switch on a midi controller ( a button) to do what you are talking about. I press the button once, and the riff mutes. I press it again and it unmutes. I use the learn function. A typical toggle should send 0 or 127 data value on whatever channel/CC it has been allocated. What values are sent by your foot pedal? I’d think using the learn function you could simply select the riff (with learn enabled) and then click the pedal.

Perhaps I am missing something from your explanation - apologies if that’s the case.

David Fodel
Curator, Lafayette Electronic Arts Festival [LEAF]
Fellow, Media Archeology Laboratory, CU Boulder

Oh yes, sorry, it’s a momentary foot switch. I just found a pretty easy MIDI helper on iOS so this turns out to be not as hard as I feared.