Suggestions for your plugins

Having a 13" MacBook and working with your plugins is incredibly painful, because the font you use is super small. Look:

Within Logic I always have to reduce the size of your plugins, because it just cuts the bottom, even if I collapse Logic’s top menu bar. At 100% zoom it’s still too small:

There’s enough space to increase the size of the font.

Another suggestion that other people mentioned before: include a “hover over” help tip, explaining what each thing does. Make it a switch where people can turn it off/on, but include that. Having to rely on the Manual every time we need to refresh our memory, is not good.

Thanks for the suggestion. We have noticed some issues on very small screens like a 13", we will correct this.

I believe it’s just a matter of optimizing the space used by each element and increasing the size of things that matter to the navigation.