Using Playbeat 3 with Endlesss

Hello! I wanted to come by and post how much I am digging playbeat. I also play around with riffer and chordjam in my production. I’ve been using playbeat in a platform called Endlesss to collaborate live with musicians all over the world. They’re launching plugin hosting early in November so anyone can use playbeat to create music live globally with anyone. I’d love to spin up a jam for the community here so everyone can try it out and jam together. It’s a lot of fun and I’ve actually found some really cool folks to collaborate with (and have pointed them to your plugins!) I’m on the beta already and I can post the download link for people to check it out before it launches officially. It’s free for Mac/PC and iOS.

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Hello Firephly,

Thanks for reaching out. We’re absolutely interested , can we have some more information?


Hi Max!

Here is more background, I’m part of the community team and an Endlesss fan girl :wink: Endlesss is a collaborative music-making platform, It’s similar to a DAW but more of a looper that allows you to create music with anyone, anywhere, or just solo to create music and/or sketch out ideas. All the music that is created can be taken out into a DAW for production as well. It’s for iOS PC/Mac. There is a standalone desktop version and it can also be used as a VST in your favorite DAW. The app has onboard sound packs and effects but this launch of the updated software (which is currently in beta) will allow users to use their favorite plugins directly in the app which is the super exciting part! You can see an example of how it the software works here How to jam live online with friends - YouTube and you can download it here Endlesss - Downloads.

We’d love to have you try it out, invite some friends, have folks from here come and join it and play around to get a feel for it. Then, ideally we would like to create a “branded” jam of sorts meaning it would be an “Audiomodern” jam where people can go jam together using the playbeat. We’d love to have you listed on the site as a plugin that can be used in Endlesss. Reciprocating social shoutouts is highly appreciated since we’ll be doing the same as well at launch.

If you’d like to try out the beta with the plugin hosting I can forward the links to you for the desktop versions. Let me know what you think! If it’s easier, feel free to DM direct! :slight_smile: