Total Noob try to get chord jam to work on logic X

Hey Peeps!!! Sooooo Iv just purchased Chordjam after watching amazing reviews and videos on YT. I am using logic Pro x, now the stand alone unit works fine. But when I add it to logics MIDI effects on the instrument channel. I have no sound coming out its all working but no audio. When I take it off I have sound. I know this is going to be something simple, something to do with how I route the signal. Could someone give me an in depth tutorial on how to get it to work as I have searched the net. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hello Jayeryan83, I hope you’re doing well.

Thanks for reaching out. Have you followed the instructions as shown in the Manual that comes with the download inside the documentation folder?

Can you please share a screenshot of your channel setup?


Hi yes I followed the manual, Pressed play the temp snapped to the right BPM, and the keyboard received data, key lit up. no audio as passing through the channel

Thanks for the screenshot.

I don’t see any wrong routing here.
Are you triggering notes via a MIDI keyboard or via Chordjam’s bottom key pads?
Also, if you enable the sequencer do you then receive MIDI from it?

Yes its receiving midi via my qwerty and my aki mpk 49 in sequencer mode and in standard mode, keys are lighting up at the bottom

Glad to hear that,
Do you know what was causing the problem?

Iv still got no sound, no sound is coming through my speakers or the channel

without chordjam

with chordjam

If you switch Chordjam with another MIDI tool, do you then have sound with the same setup?

Also, are you running Logic with Rosetta or not?

No, and what’s Rosetta ??

Iv tried it with multiple instruments no sound it’s like it mutes the signal

I’m just reading up about it now im running an m1

I checked the get info last night and I can’t remember seeing a Rosetta option, I’ll look when I finish work and let you know what the outcome is dying to get this linked to the my korg m1 it’s going to be magic :slightly_smiling_face:

Chordjam should work perfectly on M1 machines, please make sure you have the latest version installed:

DUDE!!! Thank you so much for teaching me Rosetta !!! its all working :slightly_smiling_face: Also My Spl plugins are working too. Cannot thank you enough

Glad to hear that everything is working fine :slight_smile: