Chordjam in Logic (Drag Sequence Issue and Record Sequence)


So far loving Chordjam! Having an issue though.

I have the sequence sounding exactly how I want in the Chordjam interface but when I “drag sequence” to the track, the chords are not what I heard in the sequencer. Even when I drag the first individual chord isn’t the chord that plays in the sequencer.

The chord in the sequencer is a G#m7 but when dragged to the track it is playing an Emaj?

I also tried recording the MIDI FX track and when recording, it is not capturing the midi notes from the sequencer. Is there a way to record what the sequencer is pushing (even if its just the single trigger notes for now)?

I was able to drag the sequence to a different track with the same AU and it worked as expected.

If anyone knows why dragging the sequencer midi to the original Chordjam track produced incorrect chords I’d love to know.

Thanks! :slight_smile: