Triplets in Playbeat?

Am I missing something or Playbeat can’t create triplets…?

In Logic’s sequencer, for example, we can split a step into 3 notes similar to what Playbeat’s Density does, but then we have a thing called Tie where we can convert a single step into a longer note so it will spread those 3 notes across multiple steps:

1st note is a normal 1 note step
2nd note it’s a single step divided into 3 notes (what Density does)
3rd note is what I just described: a single note divided into 3, but then spread across a whole beat to create the triplet

Hi @iamdannywyatt,

With the current version of Playbeat, you can set the steps duration of a selected track to play triplets.

If you want a single note to play as triplet across a whole beat, an option would be to set the steps duration to 1/1 and the Density for this step to 3.

The option to convert a single step into a longer note is not supported, but it would be a welcomed addition for an upcoming update. :slight_smile:


Yes, the main goal is to keep the pattern as is (let’s say 1/8) and then a single hit would play a triplet.

Logic’s approach on this is very clever and maybe you can apply the same principle or something similar, as long as the result is the same.

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