Triplets in Playbeat?

Am I missing something or Playbeat can’t create triplets…?

In Logic’s sequencer, for example, we can split a step into 3 notes similar to what Playbeat’s Density does, but then we have a thing called Tie where we can convert a single step into a longer note so it will spread those 3 notes across multiple steps:

1st note is a normal 1 note step
2nd note it’s a single step divided into 3 notes (what Density does)
3rd note is what I just described: a single note divided into 3, but then spread across a whole beat to create the triplet

Hi @iamdannywyatt,

With the current version of Playbeat, you can set the steps duration of a selected track to play triplets.

If you want a single note to play as triplet across a whole beat, an option would be to set the steps duration to 1/1 and the Density for this step to 3.

The option to convert a single step into a longer note is not supported, but it would be a welcomed addition for an upcoming update. :slight_smile:


Yes, the main goal is to keep the pattern as is (let’s say 1/8) and then a single hit would play a triplet.

Logic’s approach on this is very clever and maybe you can apply the same principle or something similar, as long as the result is the same.


To be clear, changing the bar pulse is very nice to have. But it’s not the same as allowing triplets. For one, there’s no way to include both on the same track!

That’s true,
We have already started working on v4 and triplets will be added to the upcoming update.

I think he is talking about the density function.

Will v4 be a paid update or free for users with v3?

It’s more related to the longer notes thing I mentioned, because Logic doesn’t have triplets for individual steps either. You can add the “Density” (which Logic calls Note Repeat) set to 3 notes and then using the Tie feature, you just tie 4 steps together, becoming a single step inside that beat so if the “Note Repeat” is set to 3 and you have 1 beat, that will create the triplet (or you can have 5, 6, 7 notes up to 16).

This way, you don’t have to set the track’s division to 1/1 as @katerina mentioned, because that will limit the playback on that track to only that division. I wanna be able to keep it at 1/16 and then only for that beat (or even just 1/2 a beat), introduce a triplet. This is also good if I want the triplet to start in the middle of a beat and spread to the next beat for example from beat 2.5 to beat 3.5, stuff like that.

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V4 will come as a free update.

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Thank you. Any idea when the update is coming?

Later on this season