Playbeat 12 & 24 step sequencer with 3 steps divisions per beat displayed on the grid

I’m working on a track that would definitely benefit from Playbeat having 3 steps per beat shown on the sequencer grid as I am working on 12 and 24 step sequences with 4 beats per bar.

Is this possible, as it’s really disconcerting having the down beats not lining up with the vertical division lines that are drawn after every 4 steps.

Am I missing something?

Many thanks,

Hi Funkspace,

At the moment this is not possible but i can confirm that we will be adding the control to tie notes along with the option to stretch them to fit any grid on the sequencer with our upcoming V4 update.

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The new feature looks interesting, but it’s a shame that we can’t have a sequencer grid based on triplet divisions of beats, which is very common with funky breakbeat type material. It’s disconcerting to see the divisions every quarter of a beat per measure when most of the thinking has to run along visualizing triplet divisions. Or 12 divisions in a measure. In reality 24 divisions across two measures would be ideal, as 12/24 options would be the equivalent to the 16/32 choices for the sequencer visuals.

Just to be clear, I can set the sequencer to run a triplet speed and set the length of each drum lane to 12 or 24 in length, but I can’t get the display to draw the vertical grid line between every 3 divisions instead of between every 4, so the visual divisions are not being helpful and are becoming counter intuitive at this point. So you are almost there - it’s just a case of changing where the vertical line divisions appear on sequencer display.

Understood, with our upcoming update you will be able to stretch the notes that you wish to fit the grid which will allow the visual representation that you’re after.