Tied notes in Riffer is not working properly


I have come across the following issue in Riffer. If you tie some notes and then hit the randomize or infinity button, the tied notes disappear and you have to draw them from scratch all the time.

And how can I generate tied notes in Riffer automatically and in different lengths? As far as I can see, everytime I hit the randomize button (global) only short notes are generated which is very unconvenient and sounds unrealistic.

Hi enCiphered,
At the moment the ‘Tie Notes’ can not be locked, it is there to determine when two or more notes in a row will play as one. To get more (tied) notes in a row, you may simply adjust the pitch range in a lower value where more same notes will be generated and tied if you have selected this option.

With our upcoming update we have improved this section significantly and added more function controls just for this feature.