Scale and tonic awareness between Audiomodern plugins

At the moment Audiomodern plugins work completely isolated from each other. If I use e.g. an A dorian scale in Riffer Chordjam does not know this and I have to adjust the plugins to the matching scale and tonic. I imagine it would make your set of plugins more valuable for musicians if those plugins knew of each other and at least suggest to set themselves to the same scale and tonic. :sunglasses:


Hi kjlietz,

I have good news about this. We have developed a prototype connection system between our apps that can share the information that you mention (and more) without the need of any special routing, providing seamless communication between the apps.

It is something that we are working on to publish this season as an update for all of the apps.

Stay tuned :slight_smile:


Sounds really great! Thank you! I am looking foward to it! :sunglasses: