Save tempo with presets

When using the plugin in standalone mode, it would be great if the tempo was saved and loaded with each preset. If I’m in the mood to just create new grooves without opening the DAW (which is something I would like to do to take some time to focus on a single task such as “groove creation”), it would be great if the tempo was saved with the presets so I can load a 117 bpm preset and then a 140 bpm preset without having to manually change the tempo for each preset.

Hi iamdannywyatt,
Thanks for your feedback. I see your point, however this means that browsing through the presets on top of another source which follows a certain tempo will not be possible as each preset will be loaded with it’s own tempo.

It was something that we had as a default setting back on Playbeat version 2.0 and we had to quickly fix this. We understand that there may be different use cases so having the option to save a preset along with the tempo, or not, would fix this.