Riffer Infinity

It’s me again, I have another feature request, if it’s not too much…
It will be very useful to have the infinity loop on each parametrmeter, especially on velocity !!!
4 Arrpegiators with different velocities and gates, will be a powerful tool to have !!!
Thank You :slight_smile:

This is also doable, at the moment you can simply lock the other parameters while having the infinity control enabled :v:

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Thanks it works …but still more useful with individual random buttons as in playbeat 3 … My idea was to engage the infinity loop at the top, and then a small button that Connects individual parameter as pitch, gate, velocity, length, etc … it just an idea :slight_smile:

It’s a good idea! There’s no doubt that a workaround exists but UX optimizations can often have a big impact on “flow”.

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That is true … Like for example in Play Beat 3, to have the Pitch in certain scale for individual drums … Because for example in Precautions of my Drums, I want them to be in the same Scale with my Song !