Riffer 3 Standalone

I could use a pointer to any docs on how to use as standalone. It’s not mentioned in the Basic Manual and I can get neither sound nor midi from it on Win10.

Hello mbrowne,
Thanks for reaching out. There are many ways that you can use the satandalone version of our Apps.
To get sound preview in Riffer, you need to click on the ‘speaker’ icon which is located right next to the top left logo.

For MIDI output(s) you can click on the settings (gear icon on the top right side of the UI) and from there you need to configure the settings from the “MIDI outputs” tab. There you will see all available outputs, one for each Riff tab.

Let me know if you have any more questions!

I get no sound after clicking the speaker icon, and I can’t find any midi coming from Riffer. Is there a config setting to specify the audio device it’s using or a way to check? Thanks. I’m using the VST version in Reaper with no problems, BTW.

I also noticed conflict that if another app is playing audio, clicking the speaker icon stops that audio, and clicking speaker off does not let it resume. I have to close Riffer to get the other app’s audio to resume.

Thanks for the information.

While in Standalone mode, Riffer uses your default Audio/Midi interface settings, so is it possible that you have assigned a different device as output on Windows Sound/Audio settings tab?

Definitely possible since I can’t find where that is set. And I run into maybe the same problem with the Helm synth - getting no sound on startup, but going into its settings and changing from Windows Audio as “audio device type” to Direct Sound and it works fine. I’m not sure what an “audio device type” is. I show my output device as “Speakers (Realtek Audio”. FWIW, Reaper shows a bunch of my available “audio systems” and one of those is Direct Sound. So, not sure what Riffer is using or where it’s getting it.

I assume that is set via Windows settings > Sounds & Devices. From there you can choose what should be your default device for Audio & Midi.
Hope this helps!

Thanks for the effort. I’ve done all the searching I can. I’ll just not use standalone Riffer. I’ve changed all the audio devices, device types, and audio systems I can find. I can’t see that any of those is “default,” and all audio apps I run use different ones anyway. It would be good to be able to see what Riffer is actually using. And the VST versioin works well. Thanks again!