Question about current product status

Hello, dear Audiomodern! For about a year now, I have been waiting very patiently for any updates about the process of creating a new version of your plugins. Could you please share the current status of the update? “Soon” expired a long time ago, and I know (hope) you’re working on it, but judging by the ever-present bug reports, I’m wondering how the process is going now. And can I hope to use (test) new versions soon? It’s not just curiosity, it’s planning a workflow where I hope to implement your tools with currently missing features and bug fixes.

Hello Andrey,

Thanks for reaching out. At the moment we’re on a beta testing phase for two major updates for our apps and also a totally new project.

Have you checked our latest updates here?

Do you have any bugs to report? And if so, for which of our apps?

For me Playbeat 3 smart randomizing feature clearly doesn’t work properly and it cannot be fixed or reproduced. I’ve offered even zoom call or something just to show what is going on for a couple of times but that was ignored and I can understand it. So I am still waiting for a new version of Playbeat for really long hoping that this bug will be fixed. Thank you for your answer, glad to know it is in beta now. If I can help you with testing it by becoming a beta tester, I’m very interested in helping your company as much as I can.

This has been reported as solved already, have you checked this thread?

Audiomodern, please. There’s no way to solve this on my side, I swear. I tried everything during this year. I don’t know how you cannot reproduce it but I even tried to reinstall macos and everything.
Check this thread:

Here is a fresh video demonstration:

How do we sign up for the beta?