Loopmix question?

Is it to be expected that I cannot find any trace now of a question about Loopmix I posted in this Forum a couple of days ago?

I wanted to go back and re-read it, but strangely it seems to have vanished. Puzzled…

Hi Alphagem-O,
I assume it should be in the Loopmix category? What was the question about?

Thank you for the reply! The question was about the trial version of Loopmix not saving Remixes in the presets. It had been kindly answered by Audiomodern, but ATM the entire thread is unexpectedly missing from the Activity tab of my account. Perhaps a technical problem with the forum?

Not entirely sure, maybe it was solved?
In any case, feel free to start a new thread if you have questions or feedback :slight_smile:

Thank you. Just for me to understand: Are ‘solved’ threads normally removed from the Forum?

Usually nothing gets removed, especially ‘solved’ threads as they can be helpful for other users.

Ok, great! Must be a minor glitch somewhere.