I have Loopmix Lite version

Loopmix Lite version needs to be upgraded to the full version.
Should I buy a new one?
Or do I have to pay extra to upgrade?

I presume from Plugin Boutique (PB) and they usually offer a paid upgrade asap. I just bought the full version which was on sale at PB.
Have you registered the Lite version on the Audio Modern (AM) website to see if there is an option to upgrade there? Register at AM, copy serial number from PB, click on ‘Register Product’ and paste serial number into ‘ADD SERIAL NUMBER’ area.

Do check which version of Loopmix Lite you are on. With the device open/loaded click on loopmix on the top left. This will show which version you are on as well as other useful stuff.
When I purchased Loopmix Full at PB I could only download the first version 1.1.0 so when I registered at AM I could download the latest version which is 1.1.3

Also, if there is an option for standalone then download that for quick import of expansion packs instead of waiting for your DAW to load up and doing it that way. The expansion packs still appear in your DAW or vst2/vst3 version of Loopmix so that’s cool.


I would also like to know if there is an upgrade path. Unfortunately there is no serial number provided by Pluginboutique, which could be registered in my Audiomodern account

Then it is exclusively a PB deal so PB will do the upgrade path, maybe. Annoying I know. Also, if you don’t see any upgrade for Loopmix on the PB site then contact them as to when it will be available, and at the moment it is full price on their site.

I’m pretty sure PB did a lite to full upgrade with Playbeat. Anyway, when it is on offer/sale just buy it.
I have both Playbeat 3 and Loopmix full versions, both use samples and are slightly different but I prefer using Playbeat 3 even without the piano roll

I contacted Audio Modern yesterday and received 35% discount to upgrade to full. Send the mail and received an answer in under five minutes <3

Wow, that’s some going. Good on Audio Modern and yourself. Enjoy, good discount :smiley: