Playbeat - Why are the levels so hot?

I’ve got Playbeat set up in Ableton so all channels have their own track but the volume coming from Playbeat isn’t the same as the VST. The channels levels are much hotter. Even when lower them i’m still getting red in the kick drum channel and it’s going above 0db on the group.

Am I doing something wrong?

Hi fstop,

Can you please share with us your preset so we can check what might be happening here?
You can do that by creating a Pack and then exporting it.

Sure. Where should I send it too?

You can share a link to our email: contact [at] audiomodern [dot] com

Sent with a gdrive link.


Can you share a Playbeat Pack that includes your preset? This way the sounds & pattern will be collected too.

Here’s how: PLAYBEAT 3.0 by Audiomodern | Packs - YouTube

I was using the 606 Dubbin’preset with no changes or extra midi clips.

Thanks for the info.

We can’t replicate any issue when routing the multi-out in Live (see screenshot below)

Do you have any effects loaded?
Does this happen with other presets too?

I’ve just been trying other presets and it seems to only happen with the 606 Dubbin’ preset. Ahh, it’s the volumes set to 127 on the kick that’s causing the problem.

Thanks for looking ,guys.

We’ll definitely look into this.