Playbeat: Preview track sample while in sequencer page

It can be great to preview the sample loaded for each track while seeing the pattern and not going to the presets & sample page or edit page just to preview the loaded sample.

Another nice feature can be audition the samples while browsing thru them before actually loading the sample. Browsing thru sample I suppose will need a dedicated sample browser and not the OS default file browser. So it can take time to implement but I think will contribute to the workflow

Hello Michael,
Thanks for reaching out. Can’t you already do this by either clicking on the ‘Play’ con next to the sample or clicking on the waveform icon on the slots while samples are loaded?

Can you please attach the screenshot of what you mean? If I understand you correctly the Play button is on the page where the samples are loaded (by the OS browser). In that page the main pattern is not visible. If for example I see the pattern I don’t know what sound each channel loaded, I see only the pattern dots. So if I want to add/remove some dots from the specific hihat I hear while the pattern is playing I can’t tell what channel is this hihat assigned to just from hearing it in the context of the whole pattern. But if I had preview button I could click on all potential channels and recognize the sound of the channel I want to modify.
Hopefully you can understand what I mean :slight_smile:

Hi, I am referring to these sample preview buttons

Yes, I understood this :slight_smile: but this is not the main pattern edit view and as I explained above it is difficult to look at the pattern and know what sound each channel is assigned to without hearing it from the pattern view.
From this view you only can hear while you selecting the sounds for the pattern. How for example when I edit the pattern (drawing the dots) for channel No.3 do I know what sound No.3 (Digi in 75) produces without hearing it? Leaving edit pattern view and going here make the workflow not easy

I see, then will it help when toy ‘solo’ the track? also, when you select a track you can see the imported sample name for each slot directly from the main page.

See screenshot.

Solo may help if there are already some notes on this channel and the pattern is playing. It can help to add feature for audition notes while drawing them. But better to click somewhere on channel to hear its sample.
The are 8 channels and 8 sounds, how can someone remember how it sounds from the sample name? :slight_smile:
If there were option to click channel for audition then it can be easier to hear how it sounds in context of full pattern while playing it

yes, it is possible and we will add this to our next update.

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