Playbeat causes cubase to freeze

Im using cubase 12 pro (Windows 11) Im routing all 8 outputs of playbeat to separate group channels then recording each seperate output to an audio channel so each of the 8 outputs has its own audio channel recording a seperate instrument. I get so far through the track, recording on all of the channels then cubase suddenly freezes, this happens over and over again. This is unusable so its just not possible to record the outputs on seperate audio channels. Is there a fix ? Its consistent and repeatable

Hi PlanetRobot,

Do you get the same issue when trying to record multi-track with different plugins too, or only with Playbeat?

Does that happen when recording the stereo output as well?

Do you perhaps have a crash-log from Cubase that you may share with us to inspect what is causing this problem?

It looks like this isnt actually the culprit, I bought vocal colours from native instruments and that seems to be the issue. It did start happening after I added the playbeat track, so I deleted it but it still happened, so I disable the vocal colours plugin and it stopped ! Ive reported it to NI