Outputs and/or FX?

I am having great fun using Playbeat 3 and it is literally inspiring to use, even to a jaded old-timer such as myself!
Some users on the forum have suggested adding FX . I can imagine that they mean either to individual drums tracks or to the stereo output mixer page. FX such as delay, reverb, distortion etc. This would be a great idea but, with no disrespect to your developers, there is a possible pitfall in that a lot of development time can go into this only for users to be disappointed e.g. ‘because the FX are not so good’ or ‘not as good as some plug-in that they own’ etc etc.
One way to sidestep this issue [and save yourself a lot of time, effort and possible criticism] is to provide separate outputs for each drum track that can be accessed by the DAW. The user can then process these live in their DAW with their own favourite plugin FX.
I am no programmer but I would have thought this would not be too difficult to do given that you already provide individual audio file printing for each track.
Anyway, just a thought. Keep up the good work!

Hello stefanbojczuk,
Thanks for taking the time to share some feedback.

While i can confirm that we are working on adding our own rack of effects which can be available for each of the tracks/sequencers, Multi-outputs are already available by your DAW so you can already route each channel to an individual track for further tweaking.

Can you confirm it is working for you?

Hi. Many thanks for your quick reply.
Yes! I can confirm that I have access to the individual track outputs in both Cubase and Ableton. Excellent! It is a hidden feature, though, as I cannot see it mentioned in the manual. Am I right or wrong?
Just some comments about the routing that you might find useful:
All eight tracks are hardwired/summed to the stereo master output within Playbeat. So, if I choose to have, for example, tracks 3, 4 and 5 as separate outputs into my DAW mixer those tracks are still sounding in the stereo output channel as well, which appears in my DAW mixer. It would seem that if I want to have separate outputs into my DAW I need to choose all the track outputs and then silence the master stereo output either inside Playbeat or in the DAW mixer.
It would be useful for Playbeat to have a switch that routes a track to EITHER the master stereo output OR its own track output only. This makes the routing neater and cleaner.
In my above example, the user would have routing in Playbeat that looked like this:
Track 1 > Stereo Master Output
Track 2 > Stereo Master Output
Track 3 > Track 3 Output
Track 4 > Track 4 Output
Track 5 > Track 5 Output
Track 6 > Stereo Master Output
Track 7 > Stereo Master Output
Track 8 > Stereo Master Output
I hope this is clear and makes sense.
Again many thanks for your time and attention to detail.