Playbeat beat / bar awareness - and I think I know the answer

Not entirely sure if I should post this is feature request or help
I have the whole suite
chordjam and riffer seem to be bar aware with my DAW, which is to say, if I have a 4 bar sequence, and I start my DAW on bar 5, it starts playing in chordjam or riffer from the 2nd bar of the sequence

Where as, playbeat I think is beat aware, regadless of where I start my DAW, it will sync to the next beat and play from the start of the sequence in playbeat, so if I have a 4 bar sequence in playbeat and start playing my DAW at the start of bar 2, it does not start at bar 2 in the playbeat sequence…

confusing I know

I note that playbeat play from the 2nd grid position if I dont start it on the beat in the DAW, which seems a bit unusual.

Basically, I can only make playbeat start playing at grid 1, or grid 2 (generally out of 16 beats on the grid) regardless of where I start playback in my DAW, where as chordjam and riffer will start at the right spot.

Now… I think this is possibly because playbeat allows polyrhythms and the others do not?

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Hello dissonate,

Yes, that is the case and is made to work like that by design. What you mentioned is a interesting scenario and i will forward this to the rest of the dev-team in case we can add a second mode on our settings that will allow different playback mode(s) when using it in DAW.

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