Playbeat 3 sounds . Export, real-time, default sample rate?

Hello, I’m new here and Just started using Playbeat 3. I have a question, what is the default sample rate on the wave files ? 44khz , 48khz, 96khz .

Also, would there be a difference in sound quality if I would export lets say a BD sequence directly into my DAW vs recording internally in real-time ? (Dry without insert fx or sends from the daw).
Using Cubase 12 pro with a Audient id14mkII interface.

Thanks for the reply

Hi oli,

Thanks for reaching out. There is no ‘default’ sample rate, Playbeat will play any sample rate as long as it is a .wav file.

No, there shouldn’t be any difference in sound quality, we suggest the drag/export as it is faster than recording the output of Playbeat in another track in real-time.

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Thank you so much for the info.

Quick question.
Any separate outputs I can assign per sequence/sample directly to cubase ?
BD sequence to bus 1
SN sequence to bus 2
Or like in Rewire .

Yes, you may activate the multiple outputs, and when you open up the Mixer (the shortcut is F3), you will see that it shows you the separate outputs there. (see screenshot)

Great!! F2 F3


Thank you so much

What happens to stereo main , it seems to be playing in parallel with the separate outs.

Are you able to Mute/Unmute the Stereo and use only the separate channels?

Yes absolutely I have muted :+1:
Correct me if I’m wrong.
The 8 channels inside cubase are intended to seperate each track to use an EQ, inserts, send , insided the daw before exporting to get more flexibility while producing?

The 6 different channels provided by the DAW are totally separate outputs so you should be able to process the different channels and add different effects.