24 bit Samples in Playbeat

Hey team,
So whats the story when using different bit rates with individual samples?
I would like to use some 24 bit samples, but the rate not working correctly?
The samples import fine but then get latency or rate issues.
thank you

Hello Jess,

There should be no issues importing samples of different sample rates.

What issues exactly are you having? Can you please share some more information about your setup such as DAW version and project sample rate?

Thanks for your help.
I’m using Cubase 12. windows 11. Its weird because 16bit samples are fine.
Here’s a video, and some screenshots.

Audio - YouTube

Thanks for the video & screenshots.
Are you using Stereo or Mono samples?

Mono Samples for this example

I’ve made a better video example.
Audiomodern latency - YouTube

Thanks for the video.

Playbeat automatically converts mono samples to stereo upon importing them. This function might be involved on the issue on your video so we need to check further.

Do you have the same issue if for example you convert a sample from mono to stereo outside of Playbeat, then import it in Playbeat?

Im not sure about the converting Mono to Stereo. it’s a long workaround just to audition kicks and bass!
already spent hours trying to get this working.
I’m also having difficulties replicating drag and drop samples from DAW into either Playbeat or Loopmix like you guys present in your advertisements.

I’m not talking about converting all of you samples to stereo outside of Playbeat, just one sample will work in order to test if you have the same problem.

About Drag-n-Drop, what is the problem exactly? Where are your Audio files located?

Here is a demo of the drag and drop issue.
I forgot to film that I can’t replicate the feature demonstrated on your video which drag & drop samples from your project.
I’ll try converting samples to stereo ASAP.
Audiomodern bugs - YouTube

Thanks for the video.

  1. What is the file-type of these samples?
  2. Can you locate these samples in your drive and drag/drop them from your drive?
  3. Can you share with us one of these samples in order to inspect it?

so I’ve just found out that Cubase stores its samples like this.
The Cubase stock samples and loops are stored in *containers of the type .vstsound
But I believe they are converted to wave when you use your DAW.
I’m not sure how to share.

Not sure if these are standard .WAV files.
Have you tried with other audio files from your hard drive?