Playbeat 3 Latch Pressing Not Working on iPad

I’m using iPadOS 16.4.1(a) and when I long press the latch button on Playbeat 3, it’s not working. I can’t hear any “remix” being done. The loop stays the same.

Hello Nerldy,
May i please have a screenshot of your settings / plugin window(s) ?

I’m not sure how to show that with a screenshot, I wish I could also upload a video, but, when I have it set on remix(yellow arrows), and I click on latch(green arrows), nothing happens.

Hello Nerldy,

This is the SMART randomization algorithm, can you please make sure that you have indeed marked some of your presets as SMART ?

Here’s how this works: PLAYBEAT 3.1 by Audiomodern | SMART Algorithm Explained - YouTube

Sorry, I think maybe I’m not remembering right, but, I was watching a tutorial(can’t remember which), where someone would hold the latch button and it would “remix” on the fly, and when they released it, it went back to the original pattern. The pattern didn’t change permanently. Which button should be engaged to get this?

I found the video, at around the 9.25 mark he explains it PLAYBEAT 3.0 by Audiomodern | Complete Overview - YouTube