Playbeat 3.2.5 Crashing Bitwig, Ableton, FL Studio


I just bought Playbeat 3. I am reaching out to bring to your attention a concerning issue I have encountered with the software.

Upon using Playbeat 3 in FL Studio, Ableton, and Bitwig 5 on my macOS Sonoma 14.1.1 system, I’ve observed consistent crashes within a few minutes of initiating the software.

Hello Nerldy,

Thanks for reaching pout and sorry to hear about that. Which version are you using? VST, VST3 or the AU?
Do you have a crash log that you can share with us?

I’m using VST 3. How do I get the crash logs?

Could you please try with the VST as well? Do you see the same issues?

Any crash logs are stored in different locations depending on your DAW. Live for example should ask you to download the recent crash-log (top-right corner) after restarting from a crash.

Ok, I’m not sure how to do it from Bitwig cause I don’t think it creates a crash log. It just happened right now, again.

I think I found the crash log, how do I attach it here?