Playbeat 3.2.0 - Export “All Stems” audio file, not exporting a full 1 bar loop length.

When I drag the “All Stems” audio file into Ableton it reads it as 0.3.3+ Length instead of 1.0.0
I have the tempo sync active in Playbeat.

Playbeat 3.2.0 VST in Ableton Live 11.2.10, OS X 10.15.7

Hi versionk,

Which preset is that? Is it a custom preset? If so, could you please send it to us so we can inspect what is happening?

You can export it in a custom pack, and send it to us via the contact from here:

This is happening with the “zero state” patch, even when I use factory samples. I’ve attached an export and sent it in via the contact form as requested.

Well, it appears to have been Ableton version 11.2.10 that was having the issue, not Playbeat 3. The new update to Ableton 11.2.11, has all the loops from Playbeat 3 coming in at the correct length now.
Now back to producing. :+1:

Hi versionk,

Thanks for the update, glad that the issue has been solved!