Pack Presets are added to User Presets in Playbeat

Hi there,

if I install a Pack - by now I just tried the ones from Audiomoderns website Fuse and Refract - all its Presets are added as User Presets, why?

Other people Packs are “non User” and with this behavior I loose a clear view on my (real User) presets.

Is this by design or a bug? And what’s so ever the case, is there a way to keep my User Presets “clean”?

I currently use Playbeat lite 3.1.4 in VST3 Format in Ableton 11.3.12 on MacOS 13.6 with Apple Silicon M1.

I saw there is full Playbeat Version 3.1.5 out now, but as I got my lite version from a purchase over at Plugin Boutique and so I am bound to them and currently they still deliver Playbeat lite Version 3.1.4 - no update available.


Hi soundya,

Thanks for reaching out. This is by design, but due to popular demand we will change this with our upcoming update.

The latest version update has to do with improvements on the sample manager , the lite version doesn’t utilize these functions therefore it is only available with the Full version.

That’s great - this change makes your upcoming update very much wellcome :wink: … and really makes me think about to purchase the full version.

There is no upgrade option for Playback lite to the full version, or? Upgrades are only offered for full version 1 and 2, right?

Will this update incorporate a kind of “preset splitter” as well, meaning that all previous merged/added pack presets will be sorted out (removed) from the list of user presets - kind of a clean up process?

If this won’te be the case - I think the only way to prepare myself for this update is to seperate my own (real user) presets into self created Packs, to keep my organized.

But then - with the new update in place - I would need a feature to copy / add the presets of my “intermediate packs” to the user preset. Could you imagine to make this possible, if you have not already planed it?


Full version On sale at Plugin Boutique