Multichannel mixer output for Loopmix

It would be really nice if we could set different output channels in the mixer section. This would allow us to bus each track to an individual track in Ableton for processing, etc.

The XLN’s XO device has this feature, as well as Kontakt, Sugarbytes DrumComputer, and others.

Hello dangayle,
Thanks for reaching out. If you are using the Desktop version of Loopmix , Multiple outputs are supported already and handled by your DAW. When you open 6 new Audio tracks you will be able to see the 6 different inputs coming from Loopmix on those tracks.

Let me know if this works for you.

Whoa, hey. I didn’t see it as an option, this is cool. I swear I tested it, but I guess I did something wrong. This is great, thank you.

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Hi Audiomodern,

first of all my congratulation. Loopmix from my point of view is your most creative tool so far.

You’re right regarding the different audio buses but nevertheless it would be nicer to make it configurable. So it would be possible to send 2 or more tracks to the same bus where one make maybe the same compression, delay and such for bass frequencies (another one for mid frequencies a.s.o.). As well when providing 32 stereo outs it would be possible to let several instances of Loopmix run in the same DAW track and route all 32 from there. Just my 2ct…

Hi ceetee,

Thanks for reaching out and for sharing your feedback!
That’s a solid point, we will see if we can add this with our upcoming update.

Stay tuned!