No chord recognition in Chordjam?

Hi everyone,

doesn´t Chordjam recognize chords? I can only get a result when pressing single notes on my keyboard?!
I know that Chordjam is about generating chords but I would like to being able to just play a simple, static chord on the keyboard (or playback a midi file with a chord progression) and let chordjam transform it to brand new, dynamic chords with the randomization settings.

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Hi @enCiphered,

Chordjam generates chords by playing a single note with your keyboard, according to the selected scale, scale type and chord type.

It recognizes the playing chords and the name of the playing chord is visible on the left of its keyboard while the sequencer is enabled, or on top of the keyboard if the sequencer is deactivated.

Additionally, Chordjam can analyze an imported audio or MIDI file and suggest the appropriate scale and key. Click this magn button to enter this tab.

If you want to generate different chords by pressing a single MIDI note, you may use the “Trigger” function here: trigger

This function can be used to trigger different parameters every time you press a key and can trigger different scale, scale type, chord type and movement if you use ARP.
More info here:

At the moment, the option to play a chord or chord progression with your keyboard or a MIDI file and transform it to brand new, is not supported. However, we already it in our “To Do” list for a future update. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. This is a bummer for me… As a non keyboard player I thought I could use Chordjam for exaclty this one thing. Help me turn (my own!) lifeless chords in realistic sounding ones to use in my tracks.
When I watched the marketing videos, I never thought that the most obvious thing is not possible with Chordjam.

Anyway… thanks for your help.

Since you are not a keyboard player, then Chordjam can definitely help you create your own chords and chord progressions:

You do not need to actually play a chord, but a single note which is much easier and Chordjam itself will transform it to a chord, based on your selected scale, scale type, chord type e.t.c.
The same happens with its sequencer for Chord progressions.

Its Time and Velocity per voice features, in combination with the small Infinity buttons in these sections, can also help turn a lifeless chord into a realistic sounding one. Their purpose is to imitate a human playing. :slight_smile:

Additionally, if you want more complex chords, you may use the Invert option.

But thats exactly the problem I have…!
I don´t want Chordjam to suggest any chords! I want to use my own fix chords that I have in my songs already.
I just need Chordjam to recognize that chords sitting on my track and I just use it to alter voicing, velocity, time settings etc…

So there must be a way to add a new mode, live playing or something like that which de-activates the upper part of functions of the plugin which is Scale type, Octave and Chord Type

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Thanks for letting us know @enCiphered. Yes, this would be an awesome addition.

The current version was built to create chords and not to transform already existing chords, so for now this is not supported. We will add it with the next major update.

Thanks Katerina!
That would be really great :grinning:
I don´t know of any other plugin doing what Chordjam does. With this additional feature it would be really unique

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